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Welcome to Embrace!

Embrace is observability for a mobile world. Our instrumentation and insights allow you to move beyond mere monitoring, and identify the issues that affect your app.

Embrace's Commitment to Open

Embrace has fully open-sourced its mobile software development kits. The available SDKs are for the Apple ecosystem, Android, React Native, Flutter, and Unity. Pull down the code, try out the instrumentation, and contribute if there's a capability you'd like to see.

Additionally, as Embrace is a mobile-focused member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and an OpenTelemetry Vendor, each mobile SDK is building towards full compliance with and extension of OpenTelemetry's key signals. Presently, the iOS and Android SDKs have fully-exportable traces and logs built into their feature sets.

Embrace's mobile SDKs are each published under the Apache 2.0 license.

Contributing to Embrace

If you would like to contribute code to a repository, you can fork the repository and make a pull request. You can also open an issue to suggest and discuss changes.

Before code can be accepted, all contributors must complete our Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

When submitting code, please make every effort to follow existing conventions and style in order to keep the code as readable as possible.

If you have any trouble making a contribution, please contact us directly or reach out in our Community Slack.

Additional Information

The best details for implementing Embrace's SDKs can be found at our documentation site.

To see how you can get the most out of Embrace, request a demo


  1. embrace-apple-sdk embrace-apple-sdk Public

    The Embrace SDK in Swift

    Swift 106 2

  2. embrace-android-sdk embrace-android-sdk Public

    Embrace mobile performance monitoring SDK for Android

    Kotlin 130 7

  3. embrace-react-native-sdk embrace-react-native-sdk Public

    NPM Package for React Native implementation of Embrace SDK

    TypeScript 81

  4. embrace-flutter-sdk embrace-flutter-sdk Public

    Embrace SDK for Flutter

    Dart 91 2

  5. embrace-unity-sdk embrace-unity-sdk Public

    C# 60 1


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