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Platform for Managing Feature Flags

Ship Code Safely. Mitigate risks with Production Testing, roll out new features to 1% of users initially then expanding, and ensure instant error recovery without redeployment.

Innovate Faster. Decouple feature deployment from release to minimize merge conflicts. Deploy at will, and release any feature immediately upon request from the boss.


Targeted Experiences. Release features to specific target users, and continuously measure and improve the product's business value, while reducing the need for developer involvement.

Born for developers. Use simple if/else statements to control and release features, eliminating complex DevOps tasks. This enables developers to directly drive business value. FeatBit refine tool details, freeing up your energy to better focus on the business.


Understanding Feature Usage Details. FeatBit tracks feature usage, creates on-demand experimentation reports, and exports data to tools like DataDog, Amplitude for diverse business needs.


Host in Any Environment. Opt for hosted or self-hosted solutions; FeatBit operates globally, offering seamless information sync and efficient proxy bridging.


Much more information visit and main github repo


  1. featbit featbit Public

    A feature flags service written in .NET

    C# 1.4k 85

  2. featbit-js-client-sdk featbit-js-client-sdk Public

    JavaScript client side SDK for the feature management platform featbit

    TypeScript 10 2

  3. featbit-python-sdk featbit-python-sdk Public

    Python 7 1

  4. featbit-dotnet-sdk featbit-dotnet-sdk Public

    FeatBit Server-Side SDK for .NET

    C# 15 5

  5. featbit-go-sdk featbit-go-sdk Public

    Go 3

  6. featbit-agent featbit-agent Public

    FeatBit Agent 🧑‍🔧

    C# 1 1


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