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jid on jq - interactive JSON query tool using jq expressions


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It's jid with jq.

You can drill down interactively by using jq filtering queries.

jiq uses jq internally, and it requires you to have jq in your PATH.

If you prefer, there's an experimental, standalone, purely client-side web version of this on




Either prebuilt binary for your system (and make sure to chmod +x it first) or install/compile with Go:

go install

If you don't have jq installed, follow instructions at and make sure to put it in your PATH.


Quick start

simple example

Execute the following command:

echo '{"aa":"2AA2","bb":{"aaa":[123,"cccc",[1,2]],"c":321}}'| jiq

Then jiq will be running. Now you can dig JSON data incrementally.

When you enter[2], you will see the following.


If you press Enter now it will output


and exit (if you want all the output in a single line you can either call jiq -c or pipe it into jq as jiq | jq -c .).

advanced usage examples

If you have ever used jq, you'll be familiar with these:

echo '{"economists": [{"id": 1, "name": "menger"}, {"id": 2, "name": "mises"}, {"name": "hayek", "id": 3}]}' | jiq

Now try writing .economists | "\(.[0].name), \(.[1].name) and \(.[2].name) are economists." or [.economists.[].id], or even .economists | map({key: "\(.id)", value: .name}) | from_entries

with curl

Sample for using RDAP data.

curl -s | jiq

command line arguments

-q : print the jq filter instead of the resulting filtered JSON to stdout (if you plan to use this with jq later)

Plus all the arguments jq accepts -- they will affect both the JSON output inside jiq and the output that is printed to stdout (beware that some may cause bugs).

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key description
TAB / CTRL + I Show available items and choice them
CTRL + W Delete from the cursor to the start of the word
CTRL + U Delete whole query
CTRL + F / Right Arrow (:arrow_right:) Move cursor a character to the right
ALT + F Move one word forward
CTRL + B / Left Arrow (:arrow_left:) Move cursor a character to the left
ALT + B Move one word backward
CTRL + A / Home To the first character of the 'Filter'
CTRL + E/ End To the end of the 'Filter'
CTRL + J / Down Arrow (:arrow_down:) Scroll json buffer 1 line downwards
CTRL + K / Up Arrow (:arrow_up:) Scroll json buffer 1 line upwards
CTRL + G Scroll json buffer to bottom
CTRL + T Scroll json buffer to top
CTRL + N / PageDown Scroll json buffer 'Page Down'
CTRL + P / PageUp Scroll json buffer 'Page Up'
ESC Hide a candidate box


jid on jq - interactive JSON query tool using jq expressions








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