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Cross-platform internet upload/download manager for HTTP(S), FTP(S), SSH, magnet-link, BitTorrent, m3u8, ed2k, and online videos. WebDAV client, FTP client, SSH client.

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File centipede is an All-In-One internet file upload/download manager, BitTorrent Client, WebDAV client, FTP client, and SSH client.

It is designed to be fast, customizable, and user-friendly.

It supports multi-protocols and contains many useful auxiliary tools such as HTTP requester, file merge, and encoders.

With the browser integration, you can download audio and videos from websites, even encrypted videos.

(It's free with no ads)





File Centipede

File Centipede File Centipede File Centipede File Centipede File Centipede File Centipede File Centipede

Add task

Add task Add task Add task Add task

Edit task

Edit task Edit task

Confirm dialog

torrent confirm http confirm links confirm

Add catalog

add catalog



Proxy settings


Site rules

Site rules Site rules



Refresh address


Create torrent


Speed limit

Speed limit

Translate tool

Translate tool

HTTP tool

HTTP tool

Checksum tool

Checksum tool

Browser extension screenshots

Video bar

Video bar

Videos panel

videos panel

Audios panel

Audios panel


  • HTTP,HTTPS protocol (basic features like gzip, resumable, multi-connections will not be listed.) 1.0
  • FTP, FTPS protocol 1.0
  • Magnet, HASH address 1.0
  • BitTorrent 1.0
  • Other custom protocol like thunder, flashget, qqdl 1.0
  • JSON formatted address 1.0
  • m3u8 stream task 1.0
  • Stream task AES-128 decryption (SAMPLE-AES decryption is not supported yet) 1.0
  • HTTP cookie, header, user-agent with user customize 1.0
  • Torrent seeding limit 1.0
  • Dynamically edit transfer-task config 1.0
  • Anti leeches 1.0
  • Refresh expired address 1.0
  • Catalogs 1.0
  • Limit download, upload speed 1.0
  • Create custom address (filec, fileu) 1.0
  • Proxy management 1.0
  • Filter customize 1.0
  • Tracker management 1.0
  • Task details 1.0
  • Export torrent from task 1.0
  • Multi languages 1.0
  • Queue or Unlimited concurrency setting 1.0
  • Chrome Browser integration 1.0
  • Firefox Browser integration 1.0
  • Capture videos, audios from web page 1.0
  • Find all magnets from web page 1.0
  • Translate tool 1.0
  • HTTP tool 1.0
  • URI encode/decode tool 1.0
  • Base64 encode/decode tool 1.0
  • Regex test tool 1.0
  • Create torrent 1.0
  • Torrent to magnet tool 1.0
  • Magnet to torrent tool 1.0
  • File merge tool 1.0
  • Statistics 1.0
  • Download all links from webpage 1.6
  • SSH, SFTP protocol 2.0
  • curl, wget, aria2, axel command line 2.0
  • WebDAV protocol 2.0
  • Upload file 2.0
  • Upload directory 2.0
  • Download directory 2.0
  • Full-featured WebDAV(s) file manager 2.0
  • Full-featured FTP(s) file manager 2.0
  • Full-featured SSH(sftp) file manager 2.0
  • File browser persistent caches 2.0
  • Site rules 2.1
  • Checksum tool 2.3
  • Remote download 2.6

Source code

The full source code of FileU can be found in the "source_code" directory.

It's for demonstration purposes only, the dependent libraries used in the project are not open source.

It has proved that writing user interfaces in C++ could be significantly easier than HTML and JavaScript, without reducing performance.

(as seen in the .sml files in the "UI" directory).


If you like this software, you can help by using the translation tool provided in the software to translate it into other languages.

This will make the software more accessible to people who speak languages other than the one it was originally written in. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Language files

  • Website: "lang/website/*.lang"
  • Software: "lang/software/*.lang"
  • Browser extension: "lang/browser_extension/*.lang"

How to translate the website?


Language @
Русский @vanja-san @Den1704
繁體中文 @bear0316 @postman1year
Français @XIAA25
Nederlands @XIAA25
한국어 @VenusGirl
Tiếng Việt @vuongtuha
Türkçe @geeede @saurane
Indonesian @gigglylo Rangga S. Nugraha
Deutsch @Vulcanraven91
日本語 @wany-oh
polski @RunoHawk

Opensource libraries

boost Qt libtorrent