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Flux project

Open and extensible continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes


  1. flux2 flux2 Public

    Open and extensible continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes. Powered by GitOps Toolkit.

    Go 6.1k 570

  2. flagger flagger Public

    Progressive delivery Kubernetes operator (Canary, A/B Testing and Blue/Green deployments)

    Go 4.8k 713

  3. flux2-kustomize-helm-example flux2-kustomize-helm-example Public template

    A GitOps workflow example for multi-env deployments with Flux, Kustomize and Helm.

    Shell 924 989

  4. flux2-multi-tenancy flux2-multi-tenancy Public

    Manage multi-tenant clusters with Flux

    Shell 479 238

  5. flux2-monitoring-example flux2-monitoring-example Public

    Prometheus monitoring for the Flux control plane

    Shell 42 101

  6. community community Public

    Flux community content

    Python 35 25


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