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go grapple that go program ...


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gograpple that go program and delve into the high seas ... or in other words: delve debugger injection for your golang code running in k8 pods


  • helm
  • kubectl
  • docker

quick start

brew install foomo/gograpple/gograpple
go install

start patch debugging in interactive mode

gograpple interactive

when you configure your patch correctly a file will be saved in your cwd and the debug session will start immmediatelly


patch (default)

field default value description
source_path absolute path to the main.go (entrypoint)
cluster cluster context to use
namespace kubernetes namespace
deployment kubernetes deployment
container pod container to use
listen_addr address to listen on for delve server
image alpine:latest image to use as base when building the patch
delve_continue false continue the debugged process on start
launch_vscode false launch vscode with debug config

example config explained

if we use the following gograppe-patch example:

source_path: /home/runz0rd/dev/backend/cmd/search/search.go
cluster: gke_my-awesome-webshop-stage_europe-west1_default
namespace: stage-a
deployment: search-service-default
container: search
source_path: alpine:latest
delve_continue: false
launch_vscode: true

the following will happen:

  • your application at specified source_path will be built with base image image into a patch image
  • that patch image will be pushed into the same repo as the image thats originally deployed, for example will be
  • the deployment you specified in namespace and cluster will be patched to allow running a delve server on it with your application
  • delve server will be started in your container and port-forwarded to be on listen_addr
  • if configured delve_continue will be applied on dlv startup and launch_vscode will simplify the debug session for vscode users

common issues

stuck with patched deployment

in case your deployment is styck in patched state, use

gograpple rollback [namespace] [deployment]


The debug session doesnt start until the entrypoint is triggered more than once.

Review and remove any extra breakpoints you may have enabled, that you dont need (Run and Debug > Breakpoints panel). Vscode seems to like them saved across projects.