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Forward Email - Open-source & Privacy-focused Email Service (2023)

The 100% open-source and privacy-focused email service. Built with @spamscanner, @breejs, @cabinjs, @ladjs, @lassjs, and more.

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    Privacy-focused encrypted email for everyone.

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    Status Page

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  3. nodejs-dns-over-https-tangerine nodejs-dns-over-https-tangerine Public

    Node.js DNS over HTTPS - 🍊 Tangerine is the best drop-in replacement for dns.promises.Resolver using DNS over HTTPS ("DoH") via undici with built-in retries, timeouts, smart server rotation, AbortC…

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  4. email-templates email-templates Public

    Create, preview (browser/iOS Simulator), and send custom email templates for Node.js. Made for @forwardemail, @ladjs, @cabinjs, @spamscanner, and @breejs.

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  5. test-preview-emails-cross-browsers-ios-simulator-nodejs-javascript test-preview-emails-cross-browsers-ios-simulator-nodejs-javascript Public

    Automatically opens your browser and iOS Simulator to preview Node.js email messages sent with Nodemailer. Made for @forwardemail and @ladjs. Cross-browser and cross-platform email testing.

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  6. caldav-adapter caldav-adapter Public

    CalDAV server for Node.js and Koa. Modernized and maintained for @forwardemail

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