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The gang over at makes open-source software for our favorite HD FPV video transmission systems.

Some standouts include:

  • voc-poc - live video out over USB for DJI Goggles
  • margerine - an adb enabler for the DJI Air Unit and Goggles
  • wtfos - an open-source operating system overlay for the Linux OS on DJI devices
  • wtfos-configurator - a browser based version of margerine, package manager for wtfos and more
  • msp-osd - MSP Displayport OSD support for DJI Goggles

To get in touch, you can join the community over on our Discord. If you wish, you can make a donation at Open Collective.

Getting involved

We appreciate any and all contributions, both large and small. See the wtfos project board's ideas list for inspiration. Anything unassigned is up for grabs.

The easiest way you can get involved is to develop your own software that runs in the Linux environment of wtfos, publish it with an open-source license, package it up as a .ipk and submit it to the official wtfos opkg package repository. See the wtfos README for more details and resources.

If you want to get involved with wtfos development, check out our repositories, their Issues and specific contribution guidelines, if any. In general, pull requests are always welcome. When in doubt, open an Issue or contact the team on Discord to discuss things.


If you'd like, you can make a donation on Open Collective, send some ETH to 0xbAB1fec80922328F27De6E2F1CDBC2F322397637 or BTC to 3L7dE5EHtyd2b1tXBwdnWC2MADkV2VTbrq.

Donations are not guaranteed to be spent in any particular way, however the core team endeavors to always hack more things, do cool stuff and share useful software with the community as time allows for it. Bounties may be posted as is appropriate.


  1. wtfos wtfos Public

    A framework for modifying the firmware of DJI FPV Goggles and Air Units

    Shell 254 11

  2. dfbdoom dfbdoom Public

    Doom for DJI Goggles

    C 23 4

  3. margerine margerine Public

    It's not butter, but it's root.

    JavaScript 205 28

  4. voc-poc voc-poc Public

    A PoC for USB video out from the DJI FPV Goggles, inspired by The Video Out Club

    JavaScript 429 80


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