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Kickstart Kubernetes Monitoring in 1 min - Free up time for DevOps and Coding


  1. anteon anteon Public

    Anteon (formerly Ddosify) - Effortless Kubernetes Monitoring and Performance Testing. Available on CLI, Self-Hosted, and Cloud

    Go 8.2k 376

  2. alaz alaz Public

    Alaz: Advanced eBPF Agent for Kubernetes Observability – Effortlessly monitor K8s service interactions and performance metrics in your K8s environment. Gain in-depth insights with service maps, met…

    C 591 26

  3. go-faker go-faker Public

    Faker for golang. Random data generator. Compatible with postman dynamic variables.

    Go 175 7

  4. ddosify-docker-extension ddosify-docker-extension Public

    Ddosify Docker Extension - High-performance, simple-to-use load testing tool written in Golang

    JavaScript 27 10


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