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You can't know when the cup of tea will fall on your laptop.

Why a public repository for dotfiles

Almost all of my configs were built taking pieces of other people's dotfiles here and there. By sharing my personal configuration files I can give back to the community a bit of the knowledge I acquired in this process and also have the opportunity to receive feedbacks.

Main sources of inspiration


gius@whitewolf:~$ rm .bashrc ; ln -s dotfiles/.bashrc .bashrc

Keep your dotfiles in a version controlled folder like this one and in your home directory create symbolic links for them. In this way whenever you change a config file in your home you'll have the change ready to be committed and pushed to your dotfiles repository. Viceversa, if you work on multiple computers and updated a config file on a different one than your current machine all you need to have the latest configuration is a git pull in the dotfiles directory.