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Configurator is a version control and a sync service that keeps Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets in sync with the deployments. When a ConfigMap content is changed, Configurator creates a custom resource of type CustomConfigMap (CCM) with a postfix. CCM with a postfix acts like ConfigMap revision. Configurator then copies the modified contents of the ConfigMap in to the CCM resource and triggers a rolling update on deployments using the ConfigMap. Configurator keeps the ConfigMap contents in sync with the deployment revisions with the help of annotations and works well for both rolling updates and rollbacks. Configurator supports GitOps workflows as well.

Supported Versions

  • K8s 1.16+


Check the file to start contributing to the project

Check out the Configurator website for quick and easy navigation of all documentaion and additional resources.

Join the community at our discord server

How to install Configurator

Configurator can be installed using Helm chart.


$ kubectl version

Add configurator helm repository

Choose Configurator helm repostry based on the Configuration version. To use Configurator version 0.0.2, add the repo below:

$ helm repo add gopaddle_configurator

Install configurator to cluster

To install Configurator in the cluster.

$ helm install configurator gopaddle_configurator/configurator --version 0.4.0-alpha

Removing Configurator

To remove Configurator from the cluster.

$ helm delete configurator gopaddle_configurator/configurator


Apache License Version 2.0

Pull Requests

  1. Fetch the latest code from master branch and resolve any conflicts before sending a pull request.
  2. Make sure you build and test the changes before sending a pull request.
  3. Ensure the README is updated with any interface or architecture changes.


Configurator is maintained by team.