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Arduino "MIDIsync" MIDI and CV Master Clock

ɔ 2012-2017 Tom Hensel Hamburg, Germany - License at

At least running on

Should be compatible with the MIDI-Shield from Sparkfun.

Libraries are included as git submodules. To clone the project and it's submodules please do:

$ git clone
$ cd MIDIsync
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Building and uploading can be done easily using platformio.

Currently, python 2.7.10 is required as well as pip.

Please edit platformio.ini first to reflect your serial port.

$ pip install -U pip setuptools
$ pip install -U platformio
$ cd MIDIsync
$ platformio run

Working on schematics.. Please assist if you have the time and skills!

My devices running it (nicknamed "Hensel MODEL-01") have the following features:

  • High-precision Master Clock
    • MIDI Clock Output
    • CV/Gate Output (0V/5V)
  • Micro-adjustable Tempo (endless rotary knob, two speeds)
  • Tap-Tempo Function (dropout protection, auto-smoothing)
  • Control MIDI Equipment (start, continue, stop)
  • Settings can be saved in non-volatile memory
  • Jumbo Tri-Color LEDs for Tempo and Status display
  • MIDI-Thru (latency-free hardware circuit)
  • Tolerant power input (7-12V DC) and hardware power switch
    • Low-power design, runs on batteries and USB-power (adapter required)
    • Energy-efficient power supply included

Please get in touch with us on Gitter:

Join the chat at


Arduino "MIDIsync" MIDI and CV Master Clock






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