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GrowthBook - Open Source Feature Flagging and A/B Testing

Open Source Feature Flagging and A/B Testing

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Get up and running in 1 minute with:

git clone
cd growthbook
docker-compose up -d

Then visit http://localhost:3000

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Our Philosophy

The top 1% of companies spend thousands of hours building their own feature flagging and A/B testing platforms in-house. The other 99% are left paying for expensive 3rd party SaaS tools or hacking together unmaintained open source libraries.

We want to give all companies the flexibility and power of a fully-featured in-house platform without needing to build it themselves.

Major Features

  • 🏁 Feature flags with advanced targeting, gradual rollouts, and experiments
  • 💻 SDKs for React, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, Android, iOS, and more!
  • 🆎 Powerful A/B test analysis with advanced statistics (CUPED, Sequential testing, Bayesian, SRM checks, and more)
  • ❄️ Use your existing data stack - BigQuery, Mixpanel, Redshift, Google Analytics, and more
  • ⬇️ Drill down into A/B test results by browser, country, or any other custom attribute
  • 🪐 Export reports as a Jupyter Notebook!
  • 📝 Document everything with screenshots and GitHub Flavored Markdown throughout
  • 🔔 Webhooks and a REST API for building integrations

Try GrowthBook

Managed Cloud Hosting

Create a free GrowthBook Cloud account to get started.

Open Source

The included docker-compose.yml file contains the GrowthBook App and a MongoDB instance (for storing cached experiment results and metadata):

git clone
cd growthbook
docker-compose up -d

Then visit http://localhost:3000 to view the app.

Check out the full Self-Hosting Instructions for more details.

Documentation and Support

View the GrowthBook Docs for info on how to configure and use the platform.

Join our Slack community if you get stuck, want to chat, or are thinking of a new feature.

Or email us at if Slack isn't your thing.

We're here to help - and to make GrowthBook even better!


We ❤️ all contributions, big and small!

Read for how to setup your local development environment.

If you want to, you can reach out via Slack or email and we'll set up a pair programming session to get you started.


GrowthBook is an Open Core product. The bulk of the code is under the permissive MIT license, and the packages/enterprise directory has its own separate commercial license.

View the LICENSE file in this repository for the full text and details.

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