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Home Climate Control ESP8266 based edge device firmware


Suspended until further notice, reason being: ESPHome provides overwhelmingly more functionality for ESP8266 platform, and is easily integrated (see DZ to ESPHome Integration).

It's possible that it will be reanimated at some point, there a few things ESPHome cannot do with required by DZ level of finesse.

Development hardware

  • The board: Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266, reason being - it features 1S LiPo battery connector and charger. Given the fact that the devices being developed will be most likely remote and wireless, this is a serious advantage. YMMV.
  • Temperature sensors: Maxim DS18B20. Cheap as dirt, digital, noise free, and reliable.

What's next?

  • You might want to explore the Home Climate Control project, for which these edge devices were intended in the first place.
  • hcc-esp32 - basically, hcc-esp8266++ on ESP32 hardware. This project is on the long term roadmap and will not get axed anytime soon, it will provide functionality ESPHome doesn't.