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rmtsvc is the abbreviation for ReMoTe SerViCe. It is A web-based remote desktop & control service for Windows. yycnet open-sourced the 2.5.2 code of rmtsvc at

rmtsvc supports Windows XP and later (including Win7, Win8 and Win10). You can install rmtsvc service in a Windows machine, and then use your web browser to control it, including remote desktop, command execution, process monitoring, etc.


  • Open rmtsvc.dsw and build using Visual C++ 6.0, you should get the binary: rmtsvc.exe.


  1. Put example\rmtsvc.ini in the same folder with rmtsvc.exe.
  2. Run rmtsvc.exe -i and rmtsvc.exe -s to install and start the rmtsvc service.
  3. Launch your web browser to, username is abc, password is 123, log on the portal and do your stuff.


If you don't want to build the binary by yourself, the prebuilt binaries can always be found here:


rmtsvc is published under The MIT License (MIT).