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An addon module for portapack to add extra sensors to it for more fun.

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An addon module for portapack to add GPS and extra sensors to it for more fun.

This module is in early development. Suggest features via Issues, even for this module, even for the PortaPack (HackRf) part.


  • Web interface with remote control
  • GPS
  • Compass
  • Temperature + humidity + pressure + light

For detailed info check Wiki

Features not yet ready:

  • Bluetooth connection

    • Remote controller from a phone.
    • File exchange with phone.
    • Share sensor data with the phone too, for more advanced usage.
    • May not fit in the firmware, so it's not determined yet.
  • IR blaster

    • To add IR remote functions to PP.
  • LoRa

    • Some kind of LoRa support, needs to determinde function (based on availeable FW space, and computing power). Not soon!


ADS-B with location

ExtSensor app

Fox hunt app

Web app

More info

You can get more info in the Wiki page. Like, what modules are supported, functions with details. How to build and wire the module. How to flash it. How to start using it.


  • Links are affiliate links! If you don't want to use them, feel free to just search for the modules yourself. Using the affiliate links gives me some credits, so I can buy and integrate more modules to this (or other) projects.
  • If you want, you can buy me a coffee (fuel of programmers):
  • This FW will be always open source and free to use all functions!