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INAV - navigation capable flight controller

F411 PSA

INAV no longer accepts targets based on STM32 F411 MCU.

INAV 7 is the last INAV official release available for F411 based flight controllers. The next milestone, INAV 8 will not be available for F411 boards.


The filtering settings for the ICM426xx has changed to match what is used by Ardupilot and Betaflight in INAV 7.1. When upgrading from older versions you may need to recalibrate the Accelerometer and if you are not using INAV's default tune you may also want to check if the tune is still good.


PosHold, Navigation and RTH without compass PSA

Attention all drone pilots and enthusiasts,

Are you ready to take your flights to new heights with INAV 7.1? We've got some important information to share with you.

INAV 7.1 brings an exciting update to navigation capabilities. Now, you can soar through the skies, navigate waypoints, and even return to home without relying on a compass. Yes, you heard that right! But before you launch into the air, there's something crucial to consider.

While INAV 7.1 may not require a compass for basic navigation functions, we strongly advise you to install one for optimal flight performance. Here's why:

🛰️ Better Flight Precision: A compass provides essential data for accurate navigation, ensuring smoother and more precise flight paths.

🌐 Enhanced Reliability: With a compass onboard, your drone can maintain stability even in challenging environments, low speeds and strong wind.

🚀 Minimize Risks: Although INAV 7.1 can get you where you need to go without a compass, flying without one may result in a bumpier ride and increased risk of drift or inaccurate positioning.

Remember, safety and efficiency are paramount when operating drones. By installing a compass, you're not just enhancing your flight experience, but also prioritizing safety for yourself and those around you.

So, before you take off on your next adventure, make sure to equip your drone with a compass. It's the smart choice for smoother flights and better navigation.

Fly safe, fly smart with INAV 7.1 and a compass by your side!

INAV Community


  • Runs on the most popular F4, AT32, F7 and H7 flight controllers
  • On Screen Display (OSD) - both character and pixel style
  • DJI OSD integration: all elements, system messages and warnings
  • Outstanding performance out of the box
  • Position Hold, Altitude Hold, Return To Home and Waypoint Missions
  • Excellent support for fixed wing UAVs: airplanes, flying wings
  • Blackbox flight recorder logging
  • Advanced gyro filtering
  • Fully configurable mixer that allows to run any hardware you want: multirotor, fixed wing, rovers, boats and other experimental devices
  • Multiple sensor support: GPS, Pitot tube, sonar, lidar, temperature, ESC with BlHeli_32 telemetry
  • Logic Conditions, Global Functions and Global Variables: you can program INAV with a GUI
  • SmartAudio and IRC Tramp VTX support
  • Telemetry: SmartPort, FPort, MAVlink, LTM, CRSF
  • Multi-color RGB LED Strip support
  • And many more!

For a list of features, changes and some discussion please review consult the releases page and the documentation.


INAV Configurator

Official tool for INAV can be downloaded here. It can be run on Windows, MacOS and Linux machines and standalone application.

INAV Blackbox Explorer

Tool for Blackbox logs analysis is available here

INAV Blackbox Tools

Command line tools (blackbox_decode, blackbox_render) for Blackbox log conversion and analysis here.

Telemetry screen for EdgeTX and OpenTX

Users of EdgeTX and OpenTX radios (Taranis, Horus, Jumper, Radiomaster, Nirvana) can use INAV OpenTX Telemetry Widget screen. Software and installation instruction are available here:

OSD layout Copy, Move, or Replace helper tool

Easy INAV OSD switcher tool allows you to easily switch your OSD layouts around in INAV. Choose the from and to OSD layouts, and the method of transfering the layouts.



Documentation, support and learning resources


Contributions are welcome and encouraged. You can contribute in many ways:

  • Documentation updates and corrections.
  • How-To guides - received help? help others!
  • Bug fixes.
  • New features.
  • Telling us your ideas and suggestions.
  • Buying your hardware from this link

A good place to start is the Discord channel, Telegram channel or Facebook group. Drop in, say hi.

Github issue tracker is a good place to search for existing issues or report a new bug/feature request:

Before creating new issues please check to see if there is an existing one, search first otherwise you waste peoples time when they could be coding instead!


Please refer to the development section in the docs/development folder.

INAV Releases