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Touchpad Card for Homeassistant for samsung tv

With this card you can control your samsung smart tv like with your normal physical remote.

Take a look:



  • Functional touchpad;
  • Customizable doubleclick and hold actions(using ui-editor);
  • Haptic feedback;
  • Anything can be changed using the ui-editor;
  • Every icon can be changed trought the ui-editor;
  • Holding on volume or channel buttons will trigger the action repeatedly until stop holding;
  • Double click or hold action can be a script or a automation and can be selected using the editor;
  • The card will change the top icon to the current source image if available;
  • Double click on top part of the card to open more info dialog about the media player entity;

New features:

  • One card, multiple remotes;
  • Add/Remove/Move entities to the card;
  • Swipe on top part of card(name area) to switch to next entity;
  • The card can now work with the default homeassistant integration, thanks to the remote entity created by homeassistant;
  • Now you can change click action,and because of that you can now integrate tv's that dont work with service calls like remote.send_command || media_player.send_key, by creating scripts and setting them as click action in the card editor;


  1. Create a separate view for the card, and set it to panel mode(1 card) (VERY RECOMENDED)
  2. No need to write any yaml,all settings are available in the ui-editor(:sparkles:)

Editor sample view: