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Open Source Vulnerability Management Platform.


  1. faraday faraday Public

    Open Source Vulnerability Management Platform

    Python 4.7k 866

  2. faraday-cli faraday-cli Public

    Faraday's Command Line Interface

    Python 38 15

  3. faraday_plugins faraday_plugins Public

    Security tools report parsers for

    Python 45 18

  4. faraday_agent_dispatcher faraday_agent_dispatcher Public

    Faraday Agent Dispatcher launches any security tools and send results to Faradaysec Platform.

    Python 37 13

  5. faraday_burp faraday_burp Public

    Burp Extension for collaboration in Faraday

    Java 8 7

  6. evilgrade evilgrade Public

    Evilgrade is a modular framework that allows the user to take advantage of poor upgrade implementations by injecting fake updates.

    Perl 1.3k 276


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