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Network recon framework and associated tools

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Logo IVRE is a network recon framework that can be used for passive and/or active recon. This organization contains the project IVRE itself and other companion tools (they can be used in conjonction with IVRE; some of them can be used by themselves, without IVRE).

To learn more about IVRE, visit and have a look at the documentation.

IVRE A network recon framework GitHub stars PyPI downloads Docker pulls
Masscanned A honeypot focused on network scanners & bots GitHub stars
Masscan A fork of Masscan with IVRE-specific patches GitHub stars
obsidian-ivre-plugin A plugin for the note-taking app Obsidian GitHub stars Github downloads


  1. ivre ivre Public

    Network recon framework. Build your own, self-hosted and fully-controlled alternatives to Shodan / ZoomEye / Censys and GreyNoise, run your Passive DNS service, collect and analyse network intellig…

    Python 3.3k 625

  2. masscanned masscanned Public

    Let's be scanned. A low-interaction honeypot focused on network scanners and bots. It integrates very well with IVRE to build a self-hosted alternative to GreyNoise.

    Rust 96 15

  3. masscan masscan Public

    Forked from robertdavidgraham/masscan

    IVRE's fork of the famous TCP port scanner. See below for details.

    C 40 7

  4. obsidian-ivre-plugin obsidian-ivre-plugin Public

    Grabs data from IVRE and brings it into Obsidian notes

    TypeScript 25 3


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