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Jenkins Chinese Community

共建开放、包容、活跃的 Jenkins 社区


  1. jenkins-cli jenkins-cli Public

    Jenkins CLI allows you to manage your Jenkins in an easy way. Jenkins 命令行客户端

    Go 381 77

  2. jenkins-zh jenkins-zh Public

    Jenkins 中文社区网站源码

    HTML 273 75

  3. jenkins-formulas jenkins-formulas Public

    Jenkins custom formulas

    Go 131 33

  4. jcli-ishell-plugin jcli-ishell-plugin Public

    This is a plugin for Jenkins CLI which allows you to manage your jobs in an interactive way.

    Go 2 1

  5. update-center-mirror update-center-mirror Public archive

    Jenkins Update Center Mirror

    HTML 24 7

  6. jenkins-client jenkins-client Public

    The Jenkins client was written by Golang

    Go 24 18


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