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Jenkins is an open source automation server with an unparalleled plugin ecosystem to support practically every tool as part of your delivery pipelines

Build great things at any scale

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In a nutshell, Jenkins is the leading open-source automation server. It provides over 1,900 plugins for many use cases so that humans can spend their time doing things machines cannot. Learn more: Jenkins Website, Documentation, Plugin Index

Want to contribute? There is a big community behind Jenkins, and we invite you to join us and participate. Connect to the Community on social media and in chats/mailing lists, participate and contribute. See also our Project Governance and Values and Code of Conduct.

About this GitHub org. This is the main GitHub organization of the Jenkins community. It includes repositories of the Jenkins core, plugins, libraries and developer tools. You can learn more about the project structure on the website.


  1. jenkins jenkins Public

    Jenkins automation server

    Java 22.6k 8.6k

  2. docker docker Public

    Docker official jenkins repo

    PowerShell 6.5k 4.5k

  3. helm-charts helm-charts Public

    Jenkins helm charts

    Mustache 547 870

  4. configuration-as-code-plugin configuration-as-code-plugin Public

    Jenkins Configuration as Code Plugin

    Java 2.7k 711


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