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Multiarch images for scraping Prometheus metrics from a Unifi Controller. Kubernetes / prometheus-operator compatible.

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Multi-arch unifi_exporter for Prometheus

CircleCI Docker Pulls

Have you ever wanted to aggregate your Unifi networking data right alongside all the myriad other data points you've meticulously configured your system to collect?

Sure, you've already got more hand-tweaked Grafana graphs than could possibly fit on any screen in that tiny studio of yours, but still something was missing. It was those pretty network graphs.

What does this do?

This builds on the excellent Unifi Exporter package developed by @mdlayher, which unfortunately is no longer actively maintained, and provides an up-to-date, multi-arch image with the additional configuration manifests required for easy Kubernetes + Prometheus Operator integration.

In addition to the self-evident benefits of the tool itself, this integration offers:

  • A significantly slimmed down Docker image -- just 7MB compressed, compared to 150+MB.

  • Native multi-arch (i.e., as defined in the V2 image manifest, schema 2) support for amd64, armv7/armhf, and arm64/aarch64 architectures. Use it on your GCP VM's, your Raspberry Pis, your Odroid C2's, Rock64's... you get the idea.

  • Turnkey integration with an existing Prometheus Operator deployment.

Sounds cool. What do I need?

  • Ubiquiti gear, obviously; as well as a persistent connection to an instance of your Unifi controller — spinning it up as-needed on your local machine isn't going to cut it here. You can either spring for Ubiquiti's Cloud Key, or you can easily host it on your choice of hosting provider — AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Scaleway, etc. all have VPS' that will meet the minimum requirements for <= $5 USD / month.

  • A Kubernetes cluster, with CoreOS' Prometheus Operator deployed. If not, check out the official-docs to get started; Carlos Eduardo also has a great writeup on his experience porting many of the Operator images to ARM architecture(s) that's well worth the read.


'Vanilla' Docker

If you just want a multi-arch Docker image for the exporter, you can pull from jessestuart/unifi_exporter:v0.4.0 and go to town — just bind mount your config file into your container and follow the instructions in the exporter [README][unifi-exporter-readme].

Kubernetes Deployment

  1. Now's a good time to switch to whatever namespace the resources to be created will live in. I keep mine in a monitoring namespace, along with the rest of my exporters. (Although this isn't a strict requirement, using fields like the serviceMonitorNamespaceSelector option on your Prometheus CRD[s])
  2. Copy the config.example.yml, and fill it in with your Unifi controller's credentials. This just require updating the host, username, and password; you may also need to change the port if your controller is behind a reverse proxy.
  3. Run make generate-secret to create a Kubernetes secret storing the data in this file.
  4. Run make deploy to deploy to your cluster, and make destroy to remove only those resources that were created.