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for Jet Admin – Admin panel framework for your application



Jet Admin is a SaaS service that automatically generates extendable back office for your application.
Jet Bridge is a standalone app which generates REST API through which your SQL database is connected to Jet Admin.
This project has been designed to fit requirements of small startups and mature companies.

  • Data Privacy. Jet does not access your data: its transferred directly from browser to your application.
  • Customizable Interface. With WYSIWYG interface customization your can change almost every part of interface.
  • Extendable. Flex Features allows you to create your custom Actions, Views, Fields and other.
  • Works with any technology. The interface is generated automatically based on an analysis of the data and data structure of your database.
  • Quick installation. All you need is to install Jet Bridge and connect it to your database.

This is a complete remake of our popular Django Jet admin interface.


  • CRUD (create, read, update, delete)

    All common operations to view, create, update or delete data.

    CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
  • Search and Filter

    Filter data easily by any field with most common lookups and search them by text occurrence. For some specific cases you can create SQL Segment to filter with.

    Search and Filter
  • Segments

    Segments allow you to save applied set of filters as a Segment or create it from SQL query for quick use in future.

  • WYSIWYG Interface Customization

    You can customize almost every part of interface visually – navigation menu, collection list views, record create/update forms.

    WYSIWYG Interface Customization
  • List View layout

    A number of out-of-the-box list layouts except default Table View like Kanban Board and Map with markers.

    List View layout
  • Dashboards

    Create different types of charts, tables and other widgets to visualize your KPIs or monitor data without programming – inside your visual interface. Complex data queries can be created with SQL.

  • Teams and Permissions

    Invite users to collaborate on a project and assign access rights based on their team.

    Teams and Permissions
  • Export

    You can export all collection data or part of it into the most common formats like CSV or Excel.

  • Responsive Layout

    The interface is optimized for any device from phones to tablets to desktops.


While we are trying to include most of important features out of the box sometimes its not enough. For any specific cases we offer Flex features to implement functionality not available with standard features:

  • Custom Views

    For very specific pages you can create your own custom FlexView based on React, Angular or any other framework and integrate it in Jet Admin interface. Writing your own custom JS/CSS/HTML has no limits in implementing any page you need.

  • Custom Actions

    If need to run some operations on records or any other business logic inside your Backend you can create FlexActions and run them directly from Jet Admin interface. Passing some additional parameters to your Backend is supported.

  • Custom Fields

    Sometimes you may want custom fields that are a combination of multiple fields, use fields from related collections, or are the result of some calculation. In this case you can use FlexField and write a custom JavaScript function to format fields data in any way you want.

How It Works

Jet Admin is a SaaS frontend application hosted on Jet Admin side that works in your browser. It connects to your project SQL database through open source Jet Bridge backend application which you install on your side. So Integrating Jet Admin with your project requires installing only one component - Jet Bridge. Here how it should look like after installation:

Jet Admin architecture

Your App

Any of your applications which works with your Database. Jet Admin does not interact with it directly.


Your database Jet Admin has no direct access to.

Jet Bridge

An open source application installed on your server's side and connected to your database. It automatically generates REST API based on your database structure. Jet Interface works with Database through Jet Bridge.

Jet Interface

Web application accessible from any browser. Maintaining and updating of this web application is on Jet Admin team side. Your application data is transmitted directly from Jet Bridge to Jet Interface in your browser and remain invisible for the Jet Admin service.


  • Python 2.7 or 3.4+

  • Any of the following SQL Databases:

    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • MariaDB
    • SQLite
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • BigQuery
    • Snowflake
    • Firebird
    • Sybase


In order to install Jet Admin on your project please follow this guide:

If you don't have Jet account yet you will be asked to create one and sign in with the existing account.

After registering your project you will be redirected to your project and can start working with Jet


Feel free to Email us –


This project (Jet Bridge) is MIT licensed - see the LICENCE file for details.