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5.0.0 Xcode 15.3, xrOS, device and TCA injection

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@johnno1962 johnno1962 released this 15 Apr 16:45

Injection bundle can now fall back to a standalone implementation if it cannot connect to the i.e. all that is required is to load one of the bundles in the app resources (this only works for an iOS 14+ simulator on an Apple Silicon Mac). Includes package, framework and SwiftUI profiling and tracing with filtering if you use the app. Once you have traced and run through the common code paths of a project use "Method Tracing/Reorder Project" to re-order compilation and memory layout to optimise startup times of very large applications. When tracing "live" instance are tracked and counts per class can be displayed using the "Instance Counts" menu item. This version has command line options -projectFile and -addDirectory you can use in a "Build Phase" to start injection with the correct project selected. Built with Xcode 15.2, includes support for Xcode 15 or before back to Xcode 10.2. The very basic Bazel support is outlined in the document

Full Changelog: 4.8.4...5.0.0