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This is the jqlang organization.


  • Stephen Dolan has been too busy to look after jq.
  • The remaining maintainers, Nicolas Williams and William Langford have been too busy as well, and William has indicated that he will no longer act as a maintainer. We have recruited new maintainers.
  • Maintainers need sufficient access to be able to set up GitHub Actions, other CIs, etc., and to add maintainers/committers.

See also

  • A specification for the jq language arguably belongs in a separate repository.
    • tentatively jqlang/spec, although this does not exist as of 2023-June-4.
  • The jq page on Wikipedia

Popular repositories

  1. jq jq Public

    Command-line JSON processor

    C 29.5k 1.5k

  2. .github .github Public

    5 2

  3. bazel_rules_jq bazel_rules_jq Public

    Bazel build rules for jq

    Starlark 1 2


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