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  1. hyperswitch hyperswitch Public

    An open source payments switch written in Rust to make payments fast, reliable and affordable

    Rust 11k 1.2k

  2. services-flake services-flake Public

    NixOS-like services for Nix flakes

    Nix 270 22

  3. purescript-presto purescript-presto Public

    Write Apps like Mathematical Equations!

    PureScript 211 35

  4. nix-dev-home nix-dev-home Public template

    A `home-manager` template providing useful tools & settings for Nix-based development (macOS & Linux supported)

    Nix 92 31

  5. euler-hs euler-hs Public

    EulerHS: full-fledged framework for creating web backends

    Haskell 87 17

  6. presto-ui presto-ui Public

    Framework to build native apps using javascript.

    JavaScript 55 10


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