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Kairos - Kubernetes-focused, Cloud Native Linux meta-distribution

The immutable Linux meta-distribution for edge Kubernetes.

With Kairos you can build immutable, bootable Kubernetes and OS images for your edge devices as easily as writing a Dockerfile. Optional P2P mesh with distributed ledger automates node bootstrapping and coordination. Updating nodes is as easy as CI/CD: push a new image to your container registry and let secure, risk-free A/B atomic upgrades do the rest. Kairos is part of the Secure Edge-Native Architecture (SENA) to securely run workloads at the Edge (whitepaper).

Kairos (formerly c3os) is an open-source project which brings Edge, cloud, and bare metal lifecycle OS management into the same design principles with a unified Cloud Native API.


  • :bowtie: Community Driven
  • :octocat: Open Source
  • 🔒 Linux immutable, meta-distribution
  • 🔑 Secure
  • 🐳 Container-based
  • 🐧 Distribution agnostic

Kairos can be used to:

  • Easily spin-up a Kubernetes cluster, with the Linux distribution of your choice 🐧
  • Create your Immutable infrastructure, no more infrastructure drift! 🔒
  • Manage the cluster lifecycle with Kubernetes—from building to provisioning, and upgrading 🚀
  • Create a multiple—node, a single cluster that spans up across regions 🌍

For comprehensive docs, tutorials, and examples see our documentation.

Project status

Check the Roadmap for a high-level view of what features are coming to Kairos.

Or go to the Project Board to check what the team is working on right now!

To stay up-to-date, check out the Kairos Blog. You will find also release announcements and deep-dive into Kairos features!


You can find us at:

The 🤝 community repository contains information about how to get involved, Code of conduct, Maintainers, Contribution guidelines, including also links to our weekly meeting notes, roadmap, and more.


The Kairos project governance can be found in the community repository.

Note: Kairos adopts the CNCF Code of conduct - please make sure to read the CNCF Code of Conduct document.

Project Office Hours

Project Office Hours is an opportunity for attendees to meet the maintainers of the project, learn more about the project, ask questions, and learn about new features and upcoming updates.

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