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Show current and recent postgresql queries, in a linux shell, based on the pg_stat_activity table.

Aimed (more than pg_top) at finding clients that could use a little work, in that it shows:

  • current active queries
    • amount of query time (estimated, with a resolution related to our polling interval)
    • colored by query type
    • (experiment:) what each is waiting on, like locks or WAL (I'm still working on how to present wait_event, wait_event_type)
  • most recent query for idle-in-transaction connections
  • recent queries (based on us having seen them, not on idle state in an unused workers) so they don't disappear in a flash
  • amount of active, idle, idle in transaction, and max connections

Can filter out things that are done quickly


Usage: pg_queries [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Poll interval, in seconds. Defaults to 0.4 so you have
                        some chance to read.
  -t SHORTTHRESH, --worktime-threshold=SHORTTHRESH
                        Show only active/recent queries that took at least
                        this many seconds. Higher will show only slower
                        queries. Lower, like 0, shows most (but not all,
                        because we're polling). Defaults to 0.05.
  -f FORGETTIME, --forget-time=FORGETTIME
                        Forget recent queries after this many seconds.
                        Defaults to 30
  -r MAXRECENT, --max-recent=MAXRECENT
                        Show at most this-many recent queries, e.g. to help
                        avoid scrolling off the active ones. Defaults to 3.
  -A, --as-is-query     Default is to truncate to at most a line. This instead
                        leaves the query formatted as reported to us
  -R, --reformat-query  Default is to truncate to at most a line. This instead
                        inserts newlines on the major parts (SELECT, FROM, 
                        WHERE, and such)
  -T, --no-truncate-query
                        Put as much of the query that fits on a single line,
                        truncate the rest, so that we have some hope of
                        showing all on a screen. Currently the default.
  -I, --dont-ignore-boring
                        By default we ignore things like COMMIT, BEGIN, and
                        ROLLBACK. This shows them.


Connects to user and database 'postgres' on localhost (defaults on most systems).

If you need username stuff, then consider making a shell alias like to something like sudo -u postgres pg_queries.

If you want anything else, read up on pg_hba.conf (local all all trust will often work -- but can be too permissive, so know its security implications!)

Not sure whether this can be cleverer, haven't studied it enough.


  • figure out pg connections in a broader way
  • allow remote connects
  • check a lot of counting logic, for correctness and whether it does what I want
  • make compatible with multiple postgres server versions (the table it queries has seen changes over time, current code is since 10ish?)


Shows current and recent postgresql queries








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