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KOtlin DEpendency INjection

KODEIN is a straightforward and yet very useful dependency retrieval container. it is effortless to use and configure.

KODEIN works on all Kotlin Multiplatform targets:

  • JVM / Android.
  • all Native platforms (iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, WebAssembly).
  • Javascript / WasmJs.

KODEIN allows you to:

  • Lazily instantiate your dependencies when needed
  • Stop caring about dependency initialization order
  • Bind classes or interfaces to their instance or provider
  • Debug your dependency bindings and recursions

KODEIN provides extensions to be integrable into:

An example is always better than a thousand words:

val di = DI {
    bindProvider<Dice> { RandomDice(0, 5) }
    bindSingleton<DataSource> {"path/to/file") }

class Controller(private di: DI) {
    private val ds: DataSource by di.instance()

KODEIN is a good choice because:

  • It proposes a very simple and readable declarative DSL
  • It is not subject to type erasure (as Java is)
  • It integrates nicely with Android
  • It proposes a very kotlin-esque idiomatic API
  • It is fast and optimized (makes extensive use of inline)


Kodein is available on Maven Central.

repositories {
kotlin {
    sourceSets {
        commonMain {
            dependencies {

KODEIN 7+ is the current major version, but documentation is available for previous versions.

Kodein documentation

Kotlin & JVM compatibility

Kodein Kotlin JDK
7.21.+ 1.9.+ min 1.8
7.20.1 1.8.10 min 1.8
7.19.0 1.8.10 min 1.8
7.18.0 1.8.0 min 1.8
7.17.1 1.8.0 min 1.8
7.17.0 1.8.0 min 1.8

Full table can be found here


Support is held in the Kodein Slack channel (you can get an invitation to the Kotlin Slack here).

If you are using KODEIN, please let us know!