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KubeSphere is a distributed operating system for cloud-native application management, using Kubernetes as its kernel. We ❤️ Open Source

Hey, this is KubeSphere community 👋

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There are three open-source projects that are not under the KubeSphere GitHub organization, but are also open-sourced and maintained by the KubeSphere team.

  • OpenFunction (CNCF Sandbox): Cloud-native FaaS (Function as a Service) platform built on Knative, Dapr, KEDA, and Buildpacks.
  • OpenELB (CNCF Sandbox): Load balancer implementation for Kubernetes in bare-metal, edge, and virtualization.
  • Fluent Operator: Fluent Operator provides great flexibility in building a logging layer based on Fluent Bit and Fluentd.


  1. kubesphere kubesphere Public

    The container platform tailored for Kubernetes multi-cloud, datacenter, and edge management ⎈ 🖥 ☁️

    Go 14.6k 2.1k

  2. kubekey kubekey Public

    Install Kubernetes/K3s only, both Kubernetes/K3s and KubeSphere, and related cloud-native add-ons, it supports all-in-one, multi-node, and HA 🔥 ⎈ 🐳

    Go 2.2k 518

  3. console console Public

    KubeSphere Console is the web-based UI for KubeSphere clusters.

    JavaScript 561 434

  4. ks-installer ks-installer Public

    Install KubeSphere on existing Kubernetes cluster

    Jinja 515 743

  5. kubeeye kubeeye Public

    KubeEye aims to find various problems on Kubernetes, such as application misconfiguration, unhealthy cluster components and node problems.

    Go 789 130

  6. community community Public

    KubeSphere Community

    120 114


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