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DuinoDCX Build Status

ESP32 based WIFI remote controller for the Behringer Ultradrive Pro / DCX2496.


I take no responsibility if you destroy your sound system using this.

Introduction Video

DuinoDCX Demo Video

A big thank you for DCX Link for creating the video.

Online Demo

User Guide

The user guide includes step by step instructions for building the harware setup and goes trough the software installation and basic usage. Contributions to the manual are really welcome.

Known limitations

  • Does not support preset saving or recalling
  • Support for linked devices does not work


The project is free software and there is no official support.

If you need help or have a feature request please create an issue.

User Interface

The user interface has been split to a separate project dcx-ui.

Required Hardware

  • ESP32 development board
  • RS232 To TTL converter


Building and uploading

You only need to do this if you are planning to modify the source code. You can use ready made binaries if you just want to use the software.

Run npm install to fetch dependencies.

To build the project run npm run build.

The build command will read the minified user interface files and then rewrites the gzipped hex payloads for the static files to DuinoDCX/StaticFiles.h file.

Open the DuinoDCX/DuinoDCX.ino Arduino sketch file using Arduino IDE. Set the Partition Scheme to Minimal SPIFFS (Large apps with OTA) and upload the project to the microcontroller.

Precompiled binaires can be uploded using the ESP32 OTAWebUpdater example or using the built in functionality after the initial installation.


Thanks to Ilkka Huhtakallio for contributing the transfer function code for the user interface. Without him this project would not have all those pretty graphs.