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Enterprise-grade WebAssembly solutions

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We make your C/C++, Java, Flash, and x86 binaries run in the browser.

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Cheerp is an open-source C/C++ compiler that emits WebAssembly and JavaScript.

  • Port C/C++ libraries to the browser for use in JavaScript
  • Write your web application in high-performance C++
  • Emits best-optimised output without external tooling
  • Stays up-to-date with LLVM/Clang upstream

Repository / Documentation


CheerpJ is a Java Virtual Machine and runtime for the browser, backed by WebAssembly.

  • 100% compatible with Java 8
  • Full runtime environment for applications, applets, libraries, and Java Web Start / JNLP applications
  • Run any Java library from JavaScript using only its JAR file
  • Java-JavaScript interoperability
  • Supports Swing and AWT
  • Compile and run Java in the browser

Website / Repository / Documentation


CheerpX is an x86 virtual machine for the browser.

Repository / Documentation


  1. cheerp-meta cheerp-meta Public

    Cheerp - a C/C++ compiler for Web applications - compiles to WebAssembly and JavaScript

    JavaScript 992 50

  2. cheerp-compiler cheerp-compiler Public

    C++ to JavaScript/WebAssembly compiler

    C++ 282 23

  3. cheerpj-meta cheerpj-meta Public

    Run Java 8 applications, libraries, applets, Java Web Start, and Oracle Forms on the web without legacy plugins.

    430 21

  4. cheerpj-applet-runner cheerpj-applet-runner Public

    CheerpJ Applet Runner - Chrome Extension to Enable Java Applets

    HTML 56 3

  5. cheerpx-flash cheerpx-flash Public

    CheerpX for Flash - extend the life of Flash applications thanks to HTML5 virtualization

    57 4

  6. webvm webvm Public template

    Virtual Machine for the Web

    HTML 2.8k 484


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