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LineUp App

License: MIT Github Actions

LineUp is an interactive technique designed to create, visualize and explore rankings of items based on a set of heterogeneous attributes. This is a demo application using LineUp.js. Details about the LineUp visualization technique can be found at

The application is deployed at: The develop version using LineUp v4 is deployed at It is a Single Page Application that requires no server installation. No data is transferred to any server but just kept local in your browser local storage using IndexedDB.

Start Page

Soccer dataset


  • Data Management
    • Choose one of the preloaded datasets
    • Import/Export CSV File
    • Import/Export JSON File
    • Import/Export LineUp JSON Dump
  • Session Management save different analyses with a custom session name. A session represents a view on the current dataset along with the currently specified sorting, filtering, grouping, and so on.
  • Export the current state to one of

Note Uploaded files are stored in your local web browser only.

Supported Browsers

  • last 2 Chrome versions (best performance)
  • last 2 Edge versions (best performance)
  • last 2 Firefox versions
  • Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR)


Start Page

Soccer Dataset


This app is a client only app. Thus, requires no server since all data is stored on the browser only. To host it onself:

  1. build the app by following the development environemtn instructions and create a distribution package.
  2. copy the content of the /build directory to your target destination
  3. host the content through a web server such as NGINX or host it by running a local web server. A list of web servers can be found at

Development Environment


git clone
cd lineup_app
npm i -g yarn
yarn install
yarn sdks vscode

Common commands

yarn start
yarn clean
yarn compile
yarn test
yarn lint
yarn fix
yarn build
yarn docs


  • Samuel Gratzl (@sgratzl)