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Open source WebRTC infrastructure


  1. livekit livekit Public

    End-to-end stack for WebRTC. SFU media server and SDKs.

    Go 8.6k 681

  2. agents agents Public

    Build real-time multimodal AI applications 🤖🎙️📹

    Python 561 81

  3. egress egress Public

    Export and record WebRTC sessions and tracks

    Go 159 55

  4. ingress ingress Public

    Ingest streams (RTMP/WHIP) or files (HLS, MP4) to LiveKit WebRTC

    Go 61 18

  5. sip sip Public

    SIP to WebRTC bridge for LiveKit

    Go 67 10

  6. node-sdks node-sdks Public

    LiveKit real-time and server SDKs for Node.JS

    TypeScript 118 51


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