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📚 collection of JavaScript and TypeScript data structures and algorithms for education purposes. Source code bundle of JavaScript algorithms and data structures book

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Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms

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Source code of Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms book, third edition.

List of available chapters:

Third Edition Updates

  • Algorithms using ES2015+ (ES6+)
  • New data structures and algorithms
  • All chapters rewritten and reviewed
  • Three (3) new chapters
  • Creation of a Data Structures and Algorithms library that can be used in the browser or with Node.js
  • Algorithms tested with Mocha + Chai (test code available in test directory)
  • TypeScript version of the source code included (library and tests)

Project Structure

src/js/index.js file contains all the data structures and algorithms listed by chapter.

|_examples (how to use each data structure and algorithm, organized by chapter)
|___js (source code: JavaScript version)
|_______models (classes used by DS: Node, ValuePair, ...)
|_____others (other algorithms such as palindome checker, hanoi tower)
|___ts (source code: TypeScript version)
|_test (unit tests with Mocha and Chai for src)
|___js (tests for JavaScript code)
|___ts (tests for TypeScript code)

Installing and running the book examples With Node

  • Install Node
  • Open terminal/cmd and change directory to this project folder: cd /Users/.../javascript-datastructures-algorithms (Linux/Max) or cd C:/.../javascript-datastructures-algorithms
  • run npm install to install all dependencies
  • To see the examples, run http-server html or npm run serve. Open your browser http:\\localhost:8080 to see the book examples
  • Or cd html/chapter01 and run each javascript file with node: node 02-Variables

Running the examples in the browser

Happy Coding!

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