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ToRat is a Remote Administation tool written in Go using Tor as a transport mechanism and RPC for communication


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A Cross Platform Remote Administration tool written in Go using Tor as its transport mechanism currently supporting Windows, Linux, MacOS clients.




How to use ToRat Docker Image


Client Commands

Command Info
cd change the working directory of the client
ls list the content of the working directory of the client
shred delete files/ directories unrecoverable
screen take a Screenshot of the client
cat view Textfiles from the client including .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .odt
alias give the client a custom alias
down download a file from the client
up upload a file to the client
speedtest speedtest a client's internet connection
hardware collects a variety of hardware specs from the client
netscan scans a clients entire network for online devices and open ports
gomap scan a local ip on a clients network for open ports and services
escape escape a command and run it in a native shell on the client
reconnect tell the client to reconnect
help lists possible commands with usage info
exit background current session and return to main shell

Server Commands

Command Info
select select client to interact with
list list all connected clients
alias select client to give an alias
cd change the working directory of the server
help lists possible commands with usage info
exit exit the server

Current Features


  • RPC (Remote procedure Call) based communication for easy addition of new functionality
  • Automatic upx leads to client binaries of ~6MB with embedded Tor
  • sqlite via gorm for storing information about the clients
  • client is obfuscated via garble

Server Shell

  • Cross Platform reverse shell (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

  • Supports multiple connections

  • Welcome Banner

  • Colored Output

  • Tab-Completion of:

    • Commands
    • Files/ Directories in the working directory of the server
  • Unique persistent ID for every client

    • give a client an Alias
    • all Downloads from client get saved to ./$ID/$filename


  • Windows:

    • Multiple User Account Control Bypasses (Privilege escalation)
    • Multiple Persistence methods (User, Admin)
  • Linux:

    • Multiple Persistence methods (User, Admin)


  • Fully embedded Tor within go

  • the ToRAT_client communicates over TLS encrypted RPC proxied through Tor with the ToRat_server (hidden service)

    • anonymity of client and server
    • end-to-end encryption
  • optional transport without Tor e.g. Use Tor2Web, a DNS Hostname or public/ local IP

    • smaller binary ~3MB upx'ed
    • anonymity of client and server

Upcoming Features


All contributions are welcome you don't need to be an expert in Go to contribute.

You may want to join the #torat channel over at the Gophers Slack