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n.eko v2.8.0

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@m1k1o m1k1o released this 01 Apr 21:02
· 47 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Added AV1 tag, metadata and pipeline. Unfortunately does not work yet, since the encoding is way too slow (by @mbattista).
  • Added m1k1o/neko:kde tag as an alternative to m1k1o/neko:xfce.
  • New VirtualGL version 3.1 was released, adding support for Chromium browsers to use Nvidia GPU acceleration!
  • Added ?embed=1 parameter to the URL, which will hide the sidebar and the top bar, so that it can be embedded in other websites.
  • Added ?volume=<0-1> parameter to the URL, which will set the inital volume of the player (by @urbanekpj).
  • Touch events are now supported on mobile devices (by @urbanekpj).
  • Added NVENC support, hardware h264 encoding for Nvidia GPUs!
  • Fixed an issue where nvh264enc did not send SPS and PPS NAL units (by @mbattista).


  • Fixed TCP mux occasional freeze by adding write buffer to it.
  • Fixed stereo problem in chromium-based browsers, where it was only as mono by adding stereo=1 to opus SDP to clients answer.
  • Fixed keysym mapping for unknown keycodes, which was causing some key combinations to not work on some keyboards.
  • Fixed a bug where max_fps=0 would lead to an invalid pipeline.
  • Fixed client side webrtc ICE gathering, so that neko can be used without exposed ports, only with STUN and TURN servers.
  • Fixed play state synchronization, when autoplay is disabled.


  • Updated to go 1.19 and Node 18, removed go-events as dependency (by @mbattista).
  • Added adaptive framerate which now streams in the framerate you selected from the dropdown.
  • Improved chinese and korean characters support.
  • Disabled autolock for kde, so that it does not lock the screen when you are not using it.
  • Refactored autoplay, so that it will start playing audio, if it's allowed by the browser (by @urbanekpj).
  • Renamed pulseaudio sink from auto_null to audio_output, because it was ignored by KDE.
  • Pulseaudio is now configured using environment variables, so that users can mount /home/neko without losing audio configuration.