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Rust implementation of Magic Wormhole, with new features and enhancements


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Rusty Wormhole

Get things from one computer to another, safely.

This is a Rust port of the Python version at

Comparison with the Python implementation

Features that are missing:

  • Tab completion
  • Text message sending
  • Folder sending (we can send folders, but it will send a tar ball which the other side will have to manually unpack)
  • Tor support

New features that exceed the other implementations:

  • Can do direct connections across the internet (NATs) and firewalls
  • Automatically copies your code to the clipboard
  • Port forwarding in addition to file transfer (experimental)
  • Send a file to multiple people (experimental)

Getting started

If you want to toy with the CLI, cargo run -- --help will get you started. The code sits in ./cli/src/bin.

If you'd like to use Wormhole in your application, cargo doc --open will tell you how to use it. There aren't any hosted docs at the moment.

If you don't fear touching code and want to contribute, ./src/, ./src/ and ./src/ are rather easy to get into. The protocol specification will probably be useful to you.

Applications using Wormhole Rust as library

(feel free to add yours)


This work is licensed under the EUPL v1.2 or later. Contact the owner(s) for use in proprietary software.

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