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Telescope.Touch is the definitive mobile planetarium, also featuring full telescope control via INDI.


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Telescope.Touch: the definitive mobile planetarium

Telescope.Touch was born as an attempt of merging Sky Map and IPARCOS, an INDI client for Android. It features full telescope control and mobile sky chart functionality, with a completely renewed user interface and base code.

The project's main page is on GitHub

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  • Mobile planetarium derived from the Sky Map project
  • Mount and focuser controller with directional pads and speed controls
  • Database full of objects to which you can point the telescope directly from the app
  • INDI control panel compatible with every device
  • Languages: English, Italian and French. Sky maps are translated in almost every language.

Installing Telescope.Touch

Telescope control usage

  1. Prerequisite
  • An INDI server must be running on the remote computer.
  • You must have network access to the server.
    • To achieve this, the Android device and the remote computer can be placed on your home network.
    • Alternatively, you can create a wireless network with your Android device and connect the remote computer to this network.
  1. Connection:
  • Choose the server address in the list or press on "Add server" to add a new server in the list
  • Optionally, you can change the port number if you do not use the default value for the INDI protocol (7624)
  • Click on "Connect"
  1. INDI control panel:
  • Click on the gear icon in the navigation bar to display the control panel.
  • Use the tabs to switch between the devices.
  • The properties of the device are displayed in a list. Click on a property to edit it or show the details.
  1. Telescope motion:
  • Press the joystick icon to display the telescope motion control panel.
  • The buttons will be enabled or disabled depending on the devices features.
  • If the device is not connected, the properties may not appear and the buttons will be disabled.
  • Go-to database can be viewed by pressing on the toolbar icon.
  1. Focuser control:
  • Supports speed control, focus in/out and absolute position;

Sky Map feature

You can access the sky map by pressing on the map icon in the navigation bar. There, you'll find all the usual Sky Map features with a renewed user interface and high-definition planet thumbnails.

About this app

Telescope.Touch is developed by Marco Cipriani (@marcocipriani01). More info about me on my website.


  • Valentin Chevalier (@Phylastik), for the French translation and his support
  • Yaakov Schefres (@theChef613), for his help in bringing the app to the Google Play Store
  • Romain Fafet (@farom57): IPARCOS codebase
  • Sky Map team (@sky-map-team): Sky Map codebase
  • Nick Durante (@nickdurante): Spider SFTP codebase

Libraries and credits

The licenses for each software library used in the project can be found in the app (About this app > menu > Open-source Licenses)