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GitHub Action

Actions for Discord

0.3.2 Latest version

Actions for Discord


Actions for Discord

Outputs a message to Discord


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: Actions for Discord

uses: Ilshidur/action-discord@0.3.2

Learn more about this action in Ilshidur/action-discord

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🚀 Discord for GitHub Actions

Build Status

Sends a Discord notification message. Simple as that. Supports all workflow event types by using the Discord GitHub webhooks.

Appearance on Discord :

Discord message

This GitHub action is part of a list of Actions that are located in an other repo. Feel free to check it out :

Compatibility note

As this Action is containerized with Docker, it can only run on Linux environments.

Docker container actions can only execute in the GitHub-hosted Linux environment. Self-hosted runners must use a Linux operating system and have Docker installed to run Docker container actions. For more information about the requirements of self-hosted runners, see "About self-hosted runners."


- name: Discord notification
  uses: Ilshidur/action-discord@master
    args: 'The project {{ EVENT_PAYLOAD.repository.full_name }} has been deployed.'

NOTICE : for stability purposes, it is recommended to use the action with an explicit commit SHA-1 :


By default, the GitHub action will send a notificaction with the event informations. Providing the arguments will override the message.

Environment variables can be interpolated in the message using brackets ({{ and }}) :

e.g.: Action called : {{ GITHUB_ACTION }}

Event Payload data can also be interpolated in the message using brackets ({{ and }}) with the EVENT_PAYLOAD variable.

e.g.: Action called: {{ GITHUB_ACTION }} as {{ }}

See the event types for valid payload informations.


  • args = "Hello, beautiful ! I ran a GitHub Actions for you <3"
  • args = "I showed you my commit. Please respond."

Environment variables


Because open source is about everyone :


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