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Continuously build, test, release, and monitor apps for every platform

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Supported languages

JavaScript, Objective-C, Java, C#, and Swift

Ship Your Mobile Projects Faster

Automate the Build-Test-Distribute process for your mobile projects. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are at your fingertips.

From PR to build in no time
Easily configure how your mobile project should build. Monitor your build status on every PR.

Build in the cloud
Build iOS, Android, React Native, Xamarin, and UWP apps with every commit or on demand, without the headache of managing build agents.

Test on real devices
Test your app on thousands of real devices and hundreds of configurations in the cloud. Automate UI tests for your apps with popular testing frameworks.

Distribute apps instantly
Put apps in the hands of your beta testers and users on multiple device platforms – send different builds to different groups and notify them via in-app updates.

Monitor your app health
Get real-time crash reports, notifications, detailed stack traces, and easy-to-read logs to quickly diagnose and fix problems in beta or production apps.

Pay as your app grows
App Center offers a generous free tier and flexible pricing, enabling you to choose and integrate the services you need.

Configure each branch to customize your build process. Sign your builds, include custom build scripts, test, and distribute!

Pricing and setup

Free for all projects


1 build concurrency with unlimited hours

$40/ month

2 builds concurrencies with unlimited hours

$80/ month

2 build concurrencies and 1 test device concurrency

$179/ month


Free for all projects

  • 240 build minutes per month
  • Free app distribution
  • Free crash and analytics
  • Unlimited users

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