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Cloud service for building, testing and deploying Windows apps

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Windows developers use AppVeyor to continuously run their tests and deploy apps to cloud or on-premise environments. AppVeyor CI can update the build status on your GitHub pull requests, upload build artifacts to project release and deploy successful builds. AppVeyor is not just a build tool, but it's the place of Windows CI knowledge accumulation - thanks to AppVeyor's vibrant community!

Works for your project

Built for Windows developers AppVeyor supports your favorite Microsoft tools, frameworks and SDKs. Visual Studio, Node.js, Ruby, Python and other popular software are pre-installed on build workers. Run integration tests with IIS, databases and Selenium.

Robust and secure

Care about your projects, not a build infrastructure. AppVeyor securely runs your builds on fast hardware. Every build runs on isolated pristine virtual machine which gets recycled after the build has finished.

Built-in deployment

Securely store project artifacts and deploy application packages to a cloud with Web Deploy, FTP, Azure, S3, NuGet, GitHub and other deployment providers. Easily deploy to on-premise servers behind the firewall with AppVeyor Deployment Agent.

Build progress is displayed in a real-time. Switch between compilation messages, test results and artifacts.

Pricing and setup

For open-source projects


For individual developers with a single project

$29/ month

For small teams and individual developers with multiple projects

$59/ month

Open Source

For open-source projects

  • Unlimited public projects
  • 1 concurrent job
  • 1 GB build cache
  • Forums support

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