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Argos Visual Testing

Argos Visual Testing

Visual Testing for developers

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Supported languages

JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, and TypeScript

Argos CI makes visual regression testing a breeze by ensuring every pixel is perfect before your code reaches production. With no configuration required, it integrates seamlessly with your GitHub workflow.

  • Continuous Visual Testing
  • Instant Visual Change Detection
  • Seamless GitHub Integration

Get started today and ensure your app's visuals remain bug-free. Start for FREE and elevate your testing game!

With Argos, bid farewell to tedious manual comparisons and embrace automated, accurate visual testing. Our platform is engineered to effortlessly blend into your GitHub workflow, requiring no additional configuration.

  • 🌐 Dive into our lively Community on Discord where you can engage in discussions, seek support, and share your experiences with Argos.

  • 🔄 Argos expedites your development cycle by promptly identifying and notifying you of any visual discrepancies.

  • 📈 With the immediate feedback provided, your team can swiftly rectify visual bugs, ensuring a polished, professional output at every stage of development.

Our aim is to provide a streamlined, automated testing process that upholds the visual integrity of your products with every deployment.

Visual Testing for developers

Pricing and setup

15,000 screenshots / month

$30/ month

45,000 screenshots / month

$100/ month

150 000 screenshots / month

$350/ month

400 000 screenshots / month

$1,000/ month

Pro S

15,000 screenshots / month

For organizations only
  • Visual changes detection
  • Up to 15,000 screenshots / month
  • Unlimited users and repositories
$30/ month

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