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Axolo for Slack

Axolo for Slack

Slack Collaboration app for Pull Requests. Reduce pick-up time & organize daily standups around open PRs

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Supported languages

JavaScript, Ruby, C++, Python, C, Go, C#, Rust, TypeScript, and CSS

Enable your team to merge pull requests faster

Axolo is a bi-directional Slack & GitHub/GitLab integration.

With Axolo, tech teams collaborate on pull requests seamlessly. Each pull request creates a temporary Slack channel where all information (deployments, pull request checks, and code comments) will be shared. Axolo takes all of the normal back-and-forths on GitHub and Slack to centralize the conversation in ephemeral pull request channels. But this is only step 1!


💭 An ephemeral Slack channel for each PR: Axolo opens a Slack channel when a developer opens a pull request. Only people that should be invited (reviewers & assignees) will be.
PRs reminders: Set up Axolo to send daily reminders to stale PRs.
🤖 Approve pull requests with /lgtm: Use /lgtm to approve a PR directly in a channel!
🏀 All your PRs are a command away: Ask /axolo open to show all open PR of your organization, /axolo me for your open PRs, and /axolo team [name of your team] to show all PRs from a specific team.
🕵️‍♂️ Organize your stand-ups with daily PR recap: You can set up Axolo to send daily PR recap to specific channels to organize your stand-ups.
Dedicated times for code review: Organize your time with code review time slots and let Axolo notify you only when you're available. Save your development sessions from distractions.

Not convinced yet? See our 4.8/5 rating on G2!

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Pricing and setup

Perfect plan for small team



Perfect plan for small team

For organizations only
  • Bi-directionnal Github/Slack integration
  • Real-time contextual updates
  • Auto-save Slack conversation in each pull request
  • Email support

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