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LunaTrace by LunaSec

LunaTrace by LunaSec

Find and fix security problems like Log4Shell automatically. Available Open Source or as a hosted SaaS powered by GitHub Apps

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Supported languages

JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Scala, Go, C#, TypeScript, and Dockerfile

LunaTrace helps you detect and fix security problems like Log4Shell by automatically scanning your software for known vulnerabilities in any Open Source dependencies you use.

This GitHub App integrates with our Cloud-hosted version of LunaTrace. By installing this application to your Organization, LunaTrace automatically starts scanning your code for vulnerabilities and notifying you about how to fix them.

It's Open Source, too! Star our repo here:

The core of LunaTrace is Open Source and available on GitHub here:

LunaTrace supports many languages already, but we're always adding more!

Our best Supported Languages currently:

  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Java and Scala

Languages with Basic Support:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C# and other .NET languages
  • PHP
  • Dockerfiles

If you're using a language that isn't listed here currently, please open up a GitHub issue if you would like us to add support for it:

For more details and to learn how to get started, please visit the LunaTrace app directly here:

Every GitHub Repo has a Project Dashboard where you can run new scans or view the results of previous builds or scans.

Pricing and setup

Integrate LunaTrace with any of your Public GitHub repos for free!


Open Source

Integrate LunaTrace with any of your Public GitHub repos for free!

  • Public Repos only

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