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PR Chat

PR Chat

Monitor and discuss your Pull Requests right within Slack

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From the developer

Smarter notifications

Say goodbye to notification fatigue. PR Chat creates a single Slack message for every PR. Any changes to the PR instantly and silently update the Slack message

Full fidelity

Your PR looks the same as it does on Github. All formatting is preserved including text formatting, images and even code diffs.

Organized PR conversations

Use Slack to power your PR discussions. Conversations in the Slack message's thread are two way synced with Github comments.

Monitor and discuss your Pull Requests right within Slack

Supercharge conversations about your code by integrating them with all your other conversations.

  • Less context switching, more time discussing and merging PRs.

See PR info from right now not from five minutes ago

One message for one PR. Always up to date. Any changes to the PR instantly update the same Slack message.

  • Slack instantly reflects PR changes
  • Eliminate notification fatigue - One notification for each PR
  • Never see stale PR information

Move faster with organized PR conversations in Slack threads

With PR Chat, your Github comments are synced to Slack, and your Slack comments are synced to Github.

  • One Slack thread for every PR
  • Two way sync
  • Real time updates

Full fidelity Github formatting in Slack

Messages on Slack look exactly the same as on Github. Period.

  • View code diffs in Slack
  • Includes Images
  • All text formatting is preserved
Monitor and discuss your Pull Requests right within Slack

Pricing and setup

Perfect plan for any team

$8 seat/ month


Perfect plan for any team

For organizations only
  • Get notified in Slack of Pull Requests
  • Full Fidelity: Your PR on Slack looks as it does on Github
  • Real time updates: Slack instantly changes to reflect PR changes
  • Two way comment syncing between Slack thread and Github comments
$8/ month
per seat

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