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pre-commit ci lite

pre-commit ci lite

an add-on to github actions which allows safely pushing changes back to pull requests

by pre-commit-ci311 installs


GitHub has verified that the publisher controls the domain and meets other requirements.

Supported languages

JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Go, Rust, Dart, TypeScript, and Swift lite is an add-on for GitHub Actions which safely auto fixes PRs

see also the full version of lite only provides auto fixing of PRs, but allows the flexibility of using GitHub Actions as a runner.


  1. install the GitHub Application on the relevant repositories

  2. add the GitHub action to your workflow as the last step in your job:

        - uses: pre-commit-ci/lite-action@v1.0.0
          if: always()

note: the step must have either the default name or contain the text pre-commit-ci-lite. the application uses this to find the right workflow.

pre-commit ci lite applies code changes to your PRs automatically!

Pricing and setup

free for open source repositories


private repository support for personal accounts

$5/ month

private repository support for organizations up to 25 users

$10/ month

private repository support for organizations up to 100 users

$50/ month


free for open source repositories

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pre-commit ci lite is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation