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Pull Checklist

Pull Checklist

Smart checklists and automations for your PRs and Issues

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Supported languages

Shell, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Go, Rust, Kotlin, TypeScript, and Swift

Checklist Builder for enforcing task completion on your PRs

Pull Checklist lets dev teams prevent the merging of pull requests through the enforcement of fully customizable and conditional checklists.

Perfect for managing compliance, manual tasks, and code quality adherence


  • Conditional Check Engine - Surface your checklists depending on what's going on in the PR
  • Block PRs - Stop PRs being shipped until all the boxes are ticked
  • Audit logs (enterprise) - Know who made what change and when. Keep tabs on who checked the box for an additional sign-off process ideal for regulated businesses
Don't ship bugs to production

Pricing and setup

1 Checklist


Unlimited checklists

$50/ month


Unlimited checklists

  • Unlimited repos
  • Unlimited pull requests
  • Checklist Conditions Engine
$50/ month

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