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AI-enhanced code review collaboration across GitHub, Slack & VS Code

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Smoother code review collaboration with Pullflow.

Integrate GitHub, Slack, and VS Code to enhance team efficiency. Unified communication, real-time updates, PR metrics, and public/private repository support – all in one platform. Simplify development workflows and accelerate code delivery.

Pullflow is a code review workflow tool trusted by dev teams from Epic Games, Ocho, RedwoodJS and Avenue. It integrates GitHub with Slack, transforming pull requests into interactive Slack threads. This syncs messages and GitHub activities like CI/CD and tests, offering a comprehensive view of your project.

Key Features:

  1. Real-time Updates: Centralized hub for all pull request activities.
  2. PR Dashboard: Prioritize code reviews in Slack, reducing distractions.
  3. Slack Commands: Use bot commands to take immediate actions on code reviews.
  4. Metrics: Track code-review metrics like turnaround time and response time.
  5. Single Thread: All PR activities, including discussions and CI/CD updates, are unified into a single Slack thread.
  6. Rich Content: Supports markup languages, preserving formatting between GitHub and Slack.

Enjoy streamlined, transparent, and faster code reviews with Pullflow.

Converse across GitHub, Slack & VS Code

Pricing and setup

Free to start. Always free for open source projects, startups, and small dev teams.



Free to start. Always free for open source projects, startups, and small dev teams.

For organizations only
  • Unlimited public repos
  • Unlimited public-repo users
  • Unlimited private repos
  • 5 private-repo users

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